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Why Read The Bible Daily?

Every believer is encouraged to read his Bible daily. Well, here’s a story which I heard a long time ago. It really illustrates well why we should make this a regular … Continue reading

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Remember the BUT GOD factor!

“You know, I wish I had studied harder in school…” “I’m such a failure…” “I just lost my best friend…” “Oh man, I’m done for this time…” Have you ever … Continue reading

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Jesus our Cornerstone

In case you haven’t heard, Hillsong’s new album CORNERSTONE hit our music racks at The Ink Room last weekend! And if you’re debating whether to get it or not, don’t … Continue reading

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Back To Suntec & The Best Hillsong Deal In Town!

For the past 6 weeks, we were in the East over at Expo. Finally 2 weekends ago, we shifted back to Suntec! Hurray! 🙂 Guess what on promo last 2 … Continue reading

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Hillsong: A Brief History

And so, Hillsong releases yet another album… Their 21st! …in their looooong list of contemporary praise & worship albums. How did this amazing movement called Hillsong get started anyway? The Ink … Continue reading

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Relationship Trumps Everything!

I had my game face on last weekend as I grabbed every chance I got to attend all of Dr. Robi Sonderegger’s Relationship Seminar sessions. It isn’t every weekend that … Continue reading

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A Long-Awaited Speaker Once Again In The House!

A long-awaited speaker, Dr. Robi Sonderegger, was once again in the house!! We all SO looked forward to the 3-day Relationship Seminar with Dr. Robi! And as usual, he really BLEW our … Continue reading

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